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Welcome to SASA, South African Stomaltherapy Association, where our aim is to provide world class services on Stomaltherapy, Wound and Continence care nationally.

SASA represents the interests of all Ostomates, Surgeons, ET Nurses, and Stoma Nurses in Southern Africa, and is governed by a voluntary Executive Board of Stomaltherapists.  We pride ourselves in continued education and skills development of our members, who are involved with several related associations, e.g. WCET. We have (PD’s) Provincial Delegates, who chair the regional Societies of SASA in KwaZulu Natal, Free State, Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Knysna, and Gauteng, through which we communicate all related issues and keep our members up to date on all developments. We liaise with Commercial suppliers in relation to stoma appliances and workshops, support a Stomaltherapy Post Basic Education Training Program at the University of the Free State (UFS), and provide advocacy for persons living with a stoma as per the “Charter of Ostomates’ Rights”.

The word “stoma” is derived from the Greek word meaning mouth or opening. There are two types of stomas namely:

1. “Output Stomas” e.g. Colostomy, Ileostomy, Urostomy, etc., which might clinically be either Permanent or Temporary stomas, to divert faecal material or divert urine to be passed out through a stoma in many predisposing diseases.

2. “Input Stomas” e.g. Gastrostomy, Jejunostomy, etc., which might clinically be either Permanent or Temporary stomas, and are used to feed patients with dysphagia or neurological pathology.  

A care team is ready to assist you on your path to recovery, which includes your surgeon, a specialist nurse and other healthcare professionals to specifically help stoma patients, their families and care givers both before and after your operation.

We encourage you to explore all the drop down menus of our site to gain a better understanding of the world of "ostomy", or “stoma”.

"World Class Stomal Therapy, Wound And Continence Care"

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